What Is That Buzzing in My Ear?

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Joseph Kellerstein, DC, ND

Anita is petite, slender, and elegant, just the bearing you might expect in a longtime ballet teacher. She presented in September 2010, so the case is not yet properly called cured. As a convention, we should wait 1 year to call it so.

In 2009, Anita was running and fell backward, hitting the occipital area of her head. In fact, she did it a second time, hitting the same area. As a consequence, she was dizzy for 6 months.

As part of the ongoing investigation of this trauma by her physician, she underwent magnetic resonance imaging. A few days after this procedure, she began to experience tinnitus, which persists to this day. “It’s a loud ringing, a ‘shhh’ like a seashell,” she said. Occasionally, there is also a pressure felt in the ear. It prevents her from teaching and is very distressing.

Interestingly, the ringing seems to stop in Mexico. Here at home, it aggravates if she faces the neighbors’ satellite dish. It also worsens with caffeine or alcohol consumption.

The ringing begins every morning but only after rising, and it is worse in the winter. “I feel the cold,” Anita said. If there is a draft, she suffers a deep dorsal pain as if it goes to the lungs.

When living in Scotland, Christmas time each year would see her catching a cold that would go straight to the lungs. She would also contract sore throats and tonsillitis every year at the same time.

She added: “Eight years ago, I found my mother dead. It was a terrible shock, and soon after my hair went white.”

Anita is very quiet. She describes herself as kind and giving. She will always put herself last. There is some anticipatory anxiety and claustrophobia.

When she drinks wine, she will feel very hot and sweaty while sleeping. She dreams often of water, drowning, and snakes.

Based on the homeopathic repertory chart, Silica seemed strongly indicated and was supported well by the sensitivity to draft and overall chilliness. I gave a single dose of Silica 30C.

First Follow-up Visit at 2 Weeks

At her 2-week follow-up visit, Anita reported: “When I took the Silica, I feel my head exploding. Yes, there is a pressure in my ears or more my head, as if it would explode. Pressure on the sinuses. I couldn’t stop yawning. Clicking in both ears. I feel very nervous. Usually, I can handle stress. I am anxious, and my nerves feel as if I am losing control.”

At this point, it seemed like we were headed “off the map.” I was curious and inquired about any stresses in her life.

Apparently, she had purchased a condominium against the wishes of her father. She now much regretted her decision and was feeling very stressed but trapped at the same time.

I asked her to say more about her feelings of being trapped. She began to talk about childhood issues, but I especially noted a sudden increase in sighing as she spoke and a pronounced tension in her tiny trapezius muscles.

I decided that life had sent me a message—an error message to be more correct. I had given an incorrect remedy, one to which she was sensitive.

However, as Hahnemann tells us, it is ok to be wrong. Just do it quickly and astutely; a more correct choice will soon show itself.

I gave Ignatia 30C PRN for feelings of emotional distress. Anita was asked to return in 1 week.

Second Follow-up Visit at 3 Weeks

One week later, Anita reported: “I feel relaxed. I can work. The noise is very faint, and it is easy to forget about it. It really is not on my mind at all any more. I am definitely more myself.”

Anita has been back since but only to thank us for that tiny miracle. She still marvels at the speed with which everything felt better.

It was interesting that the administration of a wrong remedy and the intensity of the subsequent follow-up visit gave some objective physical signs that pointed to the correct remedy. Thank you, Samuel.

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Kellerstein headshotJoe Kellerstein, DC, ND graduated as a chiropractor in 1980 and as an ND in 1984. He graduated with a specialty in homeopathy from the Canadian Academy for Homeopathy, and subsequently lectured there for two years. He also lectured in homeopathy for several years at CCNM; for eight years at the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine; and for two years at the British Institute for Homeopathy. Dr. Kellerstein’s mission is the exploration of natural medicine in a holistic context, especially homeopathy and facilitating the experience of healing in clients.

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