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Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh

Vis Medicatrix Naturae

We have all heard or read somewhere, in our personal health quests, about the connection between physical and psychological well-being. If you wake up sore and tired, your mental desire to take on the day is less than optimal. Conversely, if you awaken with the mental excitement that today is special, then your physical health complaints become something you can deal with. There are mind/body books that describe all disease as figments of imagination, as well as religious beliefs and teachings that all things are possible through faith and belief. Finding balance in life is a key principle taught in most self-help books; and in natural law, balance and equilibrium correlate with measured stability via Bio-Electric Chemistry analysis.

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In the September and October 2016 issues of NDNR, I introduced the principles of Bio-Electric Chemistry, the foundation of Dr Carey Ream’s Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI), and the quantum associations of all things in relation to energy. I explained how you can analytically measure energy efficiency through a simple in-office urine and saliva test, and use the results to know and predict areas of disease, deficiencies, symptom patterns, and vital force gains or losses. When you consider these principles and how they apply to nature and health, it makes sense that stability in your chemistry will be reflected in both the physical and mental spheres. Recognizable patterns in chemistry variables can explain anxiety, anger, poor sleep, work exhaustion, headaches, poor focus, brain fog, loss of memory, brain trauma, and more. A key principle of chemistry stabilization that alleviates many of these and other complaints is sugar and pH regulation.

As a reminder, Dr Reams determined the perfect equation for human biological optimization, which can be measured using urine and saliva:

1.5brix 6.4urine pH/6.4saliva pH 6.5C (conductivity) 0.04M(cell debris) 3(nitrate nitrates)/3(ammonia nitrates) + CS (common sense)

As you learn to understand the natural laws that govern the bio-electric nature of the human body, you will see that when you work to adjust one part of the equation, all of the variables change. This stresses the important point that the numbers are not perfect unless all the numbers are perfect in an equation – a simple math fact. Please be aware, as I explain the concepts of sugar regulation and how to gain energy, that there must be adequate detoxification to handle the increased waste load. In other words, there must be adequate measurable waste through salts, cellular debris, and nitrogen byproducts that demonstrates an ability to handle that waste; otherwise, the body accumulates more burden, and energy efficiency decreases. Until you understand how to basically monitor energy in and out, please do not experiment on your clients, as detox reactions can be more than some can handle, and such patients should be under close supervision.

Energy-In vs Energy-Out

As previously mentioned in my NDNR articles and others, understanding “Energy-In vs Energy-Out” is the place to start. Energy-In is monitored by sugar (brix) regulation, pH control, and salt balance, whereas Energy-Out is monitored by salt balance, cellular waste, and nitrate processing. The measurable variable with the most influence on both conscious and subconscious well-being is the brix level and sugar regulation, as it reveals the potential available energy and is directly associated with oxygen availability to the liver and brain.

The brix is measured by a refractometer, which is recognized to test urine specific gravity or total dissolved solids, represented in urine primarily by the amount of sugars being eliminated. As sugars become either too high or too low, there is an associated decreased oxygen availability on a cellular level, along with myriad associated symptoms. Some of these predictable and potentially severe symptoms include: fatigue, mood swings, anger episodes, phobias, heart rhythm irregularities, dizziness, motion sickness, vertigo, morning sickness, spacey feelings, suicidal depression, body aches, temperature sensitivity, headaches, sleepiness after meals, insomnia, and more. All of these symptoms begin to disappear through vis medicatrix naturae as you support and correct sugar regulation. However, as you improve potential energy, that energy must efficiently become available throughout the system. This is where pH and conductivity come in.

The pH measurement represents the resistance level for the potential current flow. In chemistry, we learn that pH represents hydrogen concentration, which does not consider the potential positive (cationic) or negative (anionic) nature that hydrogen can assume, since it is only composed of only 1 negative and positive charge. Electromagnetically, hydrogen is considered an isotope, as it can spin clockwise (cationic) or counter-clockwise (anionic) based on the environment; and since cations and anions contain potentially different amounts of energy, the amount of available energy of the hydrogen molecule is dependent on this rotation. The pH, as represented in a bio-electric model, is a measure of resistance and the friction (heat generation) between anions and cations. It represents a key factor in measuring the total amount of energy and reserve energy in the body; hydrogen becomes the working element of pH measurement because of its simplicity of a single charge.

Dr Reams showed that in biological life, the optimal electrical flow and magnetism is produced at a pH of 6.4 and that a urine pH above or below this value results in either anionic or cationic tendencies that can create an incorrect frequency due to the wrong ratio of energy. This in turn affects mineral “energy” and the mineral’s ability to get into the system. In other words, mineral utilization becomes less efficient. This reduced mineral efficiency, which correlates with pH patterns, is associated with symptoms characteristic of specific mineral deficiencies. Finally, pH values direct the need for various anionic or cationic calcium forms. Dr Reams showed that all forms of biological life use more calcium by weight and volume than any other element and that a lack of appropriate forms of calcium is a primary cause of organ degeneration in the body – a concept that challenges current cellular calcium theories.

Biological Optimization

When considering Energy-In monitoring, urine brix, pH values of both urine and saliva, and urine conductivity values are measured with samples taken 1.5-2 hours after eating a meal. This time is chosen to get a representation of the body’s ability to extract energy from the food eaten, thus allowing time for disintegration, dissolution, absorption, and metabolism (ie, digestion) to occur. At the ideal values, based on the perfect equation (1.5 brix, 6.4 urine and saliva pH, 6.5 urine conductivity), optimal available energy and mineral utilization efficiency occurs. Urine conductivity represents total salts including soluble nitrogen waste (urea), and denotes whether the body is retaining too much salt or losing it. Whereas pH represents speed and magnetism, conductivity represents quantity of current flow and indicates fluid balance and heat loss. Understanding conductivity is an article topic on its own, as conductivity provides an understanding of fluid balance, osmotic pressures, and ability to gain or lose heat, which in turn affects smooth muscle, nerves, blood zeta potential and agglutination.

Again, understanding the symptom patterns associated with increased (eg, nervousness, numbness, tingling, loss of sphincter controls, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, etc) or decreased (eg, slowed mental/physical characteristics, difficulty with coordination, etc) conductivity values enables the practitioner to explain and predict symptoms as part of a given “picture.” For practical considerations in this introduction, it should be noted that the ideal equation represents a 1:4.3 ratio between brix and conductivity. As an example, when monitoring a client who is able to maintain a brix-to-salt ratio of around 1:5, you will know that the client is consuming water systematically. You will also find that very few clients tolerate the highly promoted Himalayan and Sea salts in their diet, as their use correlates with increased conductivity and associated symptom patterns.

Regulating sugars, pH, and salts involves:

  • placing the body in a rhythm with systematic drinking of a weight-dependent amount of distilled water
  • determining needed forms of calcium based on the respective anionic or cationic calcium tendency
  • assisting pH regulation with vitamins C or D, as needed
  • observing brix patterns to identify food intolerances and dietary needs

Systematic drinking of distilled water may require an added diluted fruit juice, or alternating water with fresh-squeezed lemonade, for high lemon anionic activity and sugar regulation. Amounts and forms of calcium are dependent on pH values, age, and weight. On a physiologic level, the systematic drinking regulates pancreatic insulin release, which helps stabilize sugars, cravings, and oxygen availability, while also flushing the liver and kidneys to assist in excessive salt and waste elimination. As a patient’s chemistry shifts, stabilizes, and moves towards the ideal, you will observe and be able to predict symptom patterns along with becoming a witness to the vis medicatrix nature, while also developing a deeper understanding of interrelationships of mind, body, diet, environment, and healing.

Closing Comments

Due to the conflicting nature of the RBTI concepts and modern science theories, as I introduce these Bio-Electric Chemistry techniques I can only challenge the reading practitioner to learn, test, measure, and observe, as opposed to criticizing and trying to fit these practices into a pre-learned “accepted” theory.  Review the history of Dr Reams, and read the reported testimonies of the restorative nature that he and his followers witnessed through fasting, specific diets, and basic vitamin and mineral supplementation. Learn and challenge the basics of these techniques and you will observe a pure form of naturopathic restoration described in the historical writings of Benedict Lust, Henry Lindlahr, Harvey Kellogg, Constantine Hering, etc, and consistent with the philosophical teachings of Dr Jared Zeff.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

(Albert Einstein)

Bio-Electric Chemistry is a concept of analytical measurement and observation of cause and effect. Mind and body health patterns that occur without balance through diet, remineralization, chemistry efficiency, and self-awareness equate with what we consider disease. We can compartmentalize and make guesses as to cause and effect; however, to measure and observe is to support the creation of knowledge and wisdom, to build upon and change tomorrow.

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Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh, is a 2000 NCNM graduate, a licensed pharmacist, and a father of 5 healthy children. After receiving his BSc degree in Pharmacy in 1992, he gained 3 ½ years of university hospital pharmacy experience at Duke University Medical Center, and during his NCNM studies gained over 4 years of compounding pharmacy experience. Since moving to the Pittsburgh area, he has delivered regular lectures and hosts a bimonthly radio program, “A Natural Connection,” where he teaches the concepts of bio-electric chemistry. Dr Misak owns and operates Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc, where his focus is on health analysis and how to support optimal energy formation that results in natural health restoration.

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