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Lowell Chodosh, ND, LAc

Naturopathic Perspective

We have many systems of natural medicine that use energy as their working model, whether as the vital force often spoken of in naturopathic and homeopathic vitalistic circles, or as Qi in oriental medicine. Both are meant to describe energy that not only sustains the body but also, more inclusively, sustains the mind and spirit. Perhaps a better term for this resonating vibrational energy is prana. A term with ancient origins, prana is described as “subtle life-forces or finer-than-atomic energies intelligently charged….”1 I believe prana better serves to define this energy, especially in living systems, because it is described as intelligent and hence more likely to be the vis medicatrix naturae, or the healing power of nature, one of the primary tenets of naturopathic medicine.

It is this pranic energy that sustains us, gives form to the body, and is the first to change when there is dysfunction. A derangement of pranic energy anywhere in the system will imbalance the entire system. The body, however, has mechanisms to adapt itself. And in that adaptive capability lies the seed of an accumulative dysfunction; for as the body adapts, it ignores, and as it ignores, dysfunction accumulates. Not only can dysfunction manifest as various abnormal symptoms, but the body’s energy matrix itself becomes thrown off or distorted, often to the extent that it no longer recognizes which symptoms are normal and which are abnormal. Hence, when the body remains unaware of its innate balanced character, a spiral of dysfunction develops and accumulates.

Resonance-Based Medicine and its associated technique of Bio-Energy Evaluation – a hands-on technique similar in theory to craniosacral therapy – are part of a new paradigm of medicine I’ve developed that allows me to fully utilize the vibrational energies in the body by helping me to realize and monitor the effectiveness of natural treatments.

Bio-Energy Evaluation

Bio-Energy Evaluation (BEE) is a versatile technique that can be used to monitor one’s own energy as well as be taught to practitioners to guide them towards more effective treatment protocols. It is a skill that can be acquired; once found, BEE can be used to help the practitioner find the best and most effective supplement, homeopathic, acupuncture points, or herbal mixture. It can also be taught to anyone who chooses to attune oneself to the inner energetic pulses of the body; in so doing, it helps guide them to the most effective lifestyle, dietary, or mental changes necessary for a more balanced and healthful life.

BEE uses the body’s cranial and body pulses, as well as the radial pulse. In essence, these various pulses are barometers of prana, easily accessible, and – in their own way, when skillfully read – can help the practitioner know the correct therapy to use. I have chosen the various body pulses for various reasons. They are easily accessible and easily taught and, in time, easily perceptible. This is a skill developed to some degree by practitioners of Chinese medicine using pulse diagnosis and by those practitioners familiar with craniosacral therapy. These already-utilized diagnostics can be expanded upon to encompass a much broader understanding of the body’s energy and the most effective way to choose treatments.

All it requires is practice, belief in the method, and some guidance along that learning pathway. Until a true technological model of pranic energy evaluation can be achieved, the best-suited technology for utilizing the body’s energy matrix to aid healing is the human brain and is presently the most accessible and reliable source of this energetic potentiality.

By sensorially connecting to the vibrational energy of the body and the energetic qualities of substances and therapeutics, I am able to determine the most compatible and efficacious treatment protocols. It is a method of choosing the correct therapies by working with the body’s own energetic makeup.

Resonance-Based Medicine

Resonance-based medicine (RBM) is based on the principle that healing takes place when the energy of the body is balanced. A balanced energy is the smooth flow of energy through the body. This balanced state is a kind of homeostasis but includes this fundamental pranic energy that is the intelligence behind maintaining this equilibrium – a quality that not only is able to adapt but also to heal, directing the life force energy to correct abnormalities as well as sustain physiological systems.

It is by inducing that smooth energetic flow of energy that the body is able to self-correct those abnormal symptoms and distinguish adaptive changes from its innate balanced energetic matrix.

Resonance-based medicine is therefore based on the universal vibrational quality of matter. When properly used, RBM can change or reset the energy flow of a receptive person. The working principle behind RBM is to ascertain an energetic dysfunction before or after symptoms occur and to treat that dysfunction in the most effective way available by evaluating the body’s energy and its response to treatment.

The Role of Natural Medicines

There are many ways to achieve this balanced state. Natural medicines and therapies are the most effective means because, when properly prescribed using the resonance model, they will not interfere with the energetic flow of the body or cause more derangement in the system.

Through natural therapies, the body can be reminded of that innate balanced, sustaining matrix of energy, and in so doing recognize that flow as normal and those symptoms that are outside of that parameter as abnormal. In this manner, the constantly moving energy of the body, once balanced and aware of its innate pranic homeostasis, or praniostatic state, will recognize and eliminate any abnormal symptoms. In other words, if that smooth flow can be maintained by natural medicines or therapies, than the body will be able to recognize the trouble and heal.

The difficulty, and perhaps one of the criticisms, of natural medicines is that they often need to be given frequently; however, this makes perfect sense in the resonance model and only becomes a problem with the limitations of our conventional factory-medicine model. What I believe and have seen in my practice is that cure takes place when the body is able to respond to the correct balancing therapy in its own time. Once the body’s innate healthy energetic flow is maintained long enough for the body to respond, it will begin to recognize inconsistencies and eliminate those symptoms outside of those parameters.

I have found that the most useful of naturopathic methodologies within this resonance based model is homeopathic medicines. They are able to reach the body at its most receptive level, therefore able to change the energetic flow most effectively. In fact, every substance, even allopathic medicines, have an energetic signature; however, homeopathic medicine has the advantage of more finely tuning its effect on the body because of potentization.

There are many natural therapies that can balance the body’s energy without potentization, some more efficiently than others, but this can only really effectively take place when the body’s energy is monitored and the therapy, like the homeopathics, are administered as necessary to maintain praniostasis.

It cannot be overemphasized that the way the body heals is in its own time, depending on the receptivity of the individual to the treatment as well as the proper dosing and repetition of the therapy, which allows the therapy to “stick,” ie, hold long enough for the body to react to that balanced and smooth flow of energy. There also must be the appropriate waiting period once the therapy is assimilated so that the body can respond – something easily monitored using BEE.

Keys to Effectiveness

The key to the effectiveness of any modality, procedure, or medicine is introducing it at the right time, when the host is receptive, at the proper strength and dose, and repeated as necessary to remind the body of the imbalance and encourage it; this allows it the time to adopt an internal healing strategy to remove those symptoms that it now recognizes as aberrant. Healing starts with awareness, whether we are conscious of it or not. If we make the body aware of an imbalance through medicines, therapies, lifestyle changes, affirmations, and positive thinking, it can be guided towards balance and health. Once the therapy or medicine takes or recognizes the natural energetic balance as its own, then the body sees those symptoms of imbalance as something to be eliminated; only then can true healing and cure take place.

Another important concept of naturopathic and homeopathic medicine is its lack of suppression. The beauty of using natural therapies within the resonance-based paradigm is the ability to monitor the body’s energy by applying only balancing therapies, and then waiting or changing as necessary as the body responds. In this way, the chance of suppressive treatments, which could further derange an already compromised system, is minimized.

A Revolution in Medicine

Practicing medicine is most often thought of as an intellectual exercise, but in reality it is a creative art. When you are able to measure or feel the body’s energy, you are more capable of understanding the many possibilities of healing modalities and patients’ very unique individualized treatment needs and schedules. This is the key to the true practice of medicine: measuring or feeling the body’s energy and its response to various therapies, knowing when to wait or change your therapy, and adding appropriate RBM-guided therapies to empower the patient and coax the body to heal.

Part of being a naturopathic practitioner is knowing what is appropriate for each individual. Although we may be guided to some degree by lab tests, functional medicine assessments, and evidence-based therapeutics, we all strive to choose the most effective and long-lasting treatment for our patients. For efficiency and effectiveness in that pursuit, resonance-based medicine is the paradigm of choice. RBM is thus a working model for knowing when a system is out of balance and how to use various therapies to correct any imbalance.

Resonance-based medicine should be a growing and expanding science whose clinical relevance and effectiveness is demonstrated as more practitioners learn the skill to perceive the body’s energy and observe and record the benefits of its clinical application. It is a technique that has the potential to be expanded upon as our experience with it increases and as our deeper, intuitive perceptions allow. Once there is a willingness to try a new paradigm and use it according to a different set of healing principles, there will be not only a revolution in medicine, health, and wellness, but also a much greater understanding of our own evolutionary potential in body, mind and spirit.


Yogananda P. Autobiography of a Yogi.  Los Angeles, CA: SRF Publishers; 1983: 56.

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Lowell Chodosh, ND, LAc, graduated in 1992 from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (now the National University of Natural Medicine) and in 1996 from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, both in Portland, OR. Besides developing the resonance-based medicine paradigm, he has also created a hybrid massage therapy that includes acupuncture called Koruko. He gives workshops entitled “The Power of Prana,” helping practitioners and laypersons learn to feel and use pranic energies in their practice and their lives. He is currently living and practicing in Astoria, OR. For more information, or to get in contact with Dr Chodosh, please, visit Resonancebasedmedicine.comemail: [email protected] and phone number: 503-662-6118. 

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