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It has generally been acknowledged that a human being consists of not only a physical body but also mind and emotions. However, the mind, consciousness, spirit, and soul have been largely excluded from physical sciences1 and its application to modern medicine. The study of Mind-Body Medicine (“the power of thoughts and emotions to influence physical health”2) is becoming more mainstream, as is the concept of “mindfulness.” In some circles, the power of the spirit or soul to influence health is also gaining recognition. “Soul Mind Body Medicine” seeks to align all 3 components (soul, mind, and body) in the quest to find the root cause of illness and to heal through natural and non-invasive methods.

A Brief History

“Body Space Medicine” was a term coined by Dr Zhi Chen Guo, a renowned TCM doctor in China. This form of medicine “uses Chinese herbs, energy healing and message or spiritual healing, together with quantum medicine, to adjust and regulate the body and treat illness.”3 Through this medicine, Dr Guo was able to develop an antidote to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) during the global SARS outbreak. The fundamentals of his work formed the foundation of a body of knowledge pioneered by his protégé and spiritual son, Dr Zhi Gang Sha. Dr Sha is a doctor of Western Medicine in China, and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Canada; he is also a master of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Tao Calligraphy.

Dr Sha’s work and teachings about Soul Power and “Soulfulness” are based on his insights that the “soul is the boss” and has the power to heal. He takes the concept of “mind over matter” a step further and introduces the idea of “soul over matter.” Dr Sha posits that physical healing is incomplete without first healing at the soul level. In his words, “Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow.”4

Dr Sha created a system known as “Soul Mind Body Medicine.” The process involves 5 steps: Mind Power (visualization); Body Power (including specific hand and body positions); Sound Power (chanting mantras to stimulate vibration); Soul Power (making a connection to one’s soul, as a form of prayer); and Tracing Power (tracing special “One-stroke” calligraphy – Tao Shu Fa – with hands or body movement). These 5 steps form the basis of Soul Mind Body Alignment.

Soul Mind Body Medicine Explained

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, illness is a function of imbalances in the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. An excess or deficiency of energy, or Qi, will lead to blockages. Cells are made up of matter and are constantly contracting, causing the internal cellular matter to transform to energy outside of the cell. When cells expand, the energy outside of the cells turns into matter inside the cells. This is a law of cellular vibration. One’s state of health is dependent on the relative balance in this cellular transformation process.4

An Energy Blockage is an excess of energy. A Matter Blockage is an excess of matter. Soul Mind Body Medicine also groups illness into a third type: Spiritual (or Soul) Blockages. “Soul is the content of information within one’s vibrational field,” the essence of everything, and is divided into positive and negative information.5 In this system, the negative information is the root cause of illness. Soul Blockages are intertwined with the Law of Reciprocity, or cause and effect.5 Simply stated, becoming “stuck” in patterns of illness can be influenced by thoughts and actions recorded in our vibrational field.5

The first 4 steps of this Soul Mind Body system may be applied to blockages related to any type of health issue or life challenge. These could include physical illness or pain, sickness of the organs, systems, or cells (including cancers and other serious chronic conditions), back pain, mental/emotional issues, relationship or financial challenges, and more. Soul Mind Body Medicine may also include a “healing blessing” from a spiritual teacher.

The fifth step, Tracing Power, includes the additional action of writing or tracing calligraphy. Research has shown that “The act of brush handwriting results in physiological slowdown and relaxation, as indicated by the changes in heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and skin temperature after calligraphic writing.”6 The associated decrease in perceived stress can put the body into a state that is more conducive to healing. In the Soul Mind Body Medicine system, a unique form of calligraphy, called Tao Calligraphy, is used. It was created by Dr Sha, based on a style known as Yi Bi Zi, or “one-stroke writing,” where all characters are written using 1 continuous stroke. Writing or tracing it taps into a powerful energy field.

Effects & Benefits

In an abstract written by Dr Peter Hudoba, MD, FRCS; Dr Rulin Xiu, PhD; and Dr Zhi Gang Sha (and presented at the 24th Annual ISSSEEM Conference, Science Symposium,7 and at the 2017 AIHM Conference8), the authors discuss a recent clinical research study that followed 55 subjects for 2 years. They subjects had suffered from various illnesses and were each given a spiritual healing blessing, followed by daily self-healing practices and meditations. Many of the subjects also continued conventional medical treatment. In retrospective data analysis, most “exhibited improvement in general wellbeing, an increase in optimism and energy level, as well as improvement in their symptoms. 21 subjects (38%) reported marked improvement or complete recovery, 28 (50%) reported moderate improvement, 1 (1.8%) unchanged, 3 (5.4%) continued to deteriorate, and 2 died (3.6%) (terminal cancers). In some cases, image studies (Xray, CT, MRI) confirmed marked reduction or complete remission of neoplastic or other lesions.”7,8

Case Study 1

B.L., a 43-year-old female, was diagnosed in 2008 with Stage-2 triple-negative invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast. She had been advised to undergo chemotherapy and radiation, and was also given the option of mastectomy followed by radiation.

Following lumpectomy, she declined further conventional treatment; however, she was willing to receive non-invasive naturopathic care and sought other alternative therapies, in addition to lifestyle changes of her own choosing. She committed to doing annual follow-up mammograms and checkups through her oncologist and surgeon. Medically, she was deemed non-compliant, declining all treatment, and was warned of the high chance of recurrence.

Dietary changes included a raw vegan diet, juicing, and elimination of sugar and wheat.

Lifestyle changes included running as exercise, meditation for stress reduction, and increased sleep.

Supplements included iron, vitamin D, an alkalizing agent, herbal immune support, probiotics, and essential fatty acids.

Additional miscellaneous measures included time in nature, massages, emotional/energy therapies, emotional counseling/support, and mindset shift.

Initially, the patient incorporated daily practice of the Soul Mind Body “Cancer Recovery Program” for 1 month.

After 2 months, she received a healing blessing from a spiritual teacher, and continued Soul Power meditations, chanting, and practices several times per week, each time ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Results & Impressions

Semi-annual medical physical examinations and test results (oncologist and surgeon), as well as annual mammograms, indicated no changes in physical structures, and no signs of recurrence.

B.L. reported decreased anxiety, increased joy, gratitude, and feelings of well-being and self-empowerment through the Soul Mind Body practices.

She gradually changed to a less-restricted diet, with decreased focus on lifestyle changes for cancer. After 6 years, she was released from surgical and oncological care and follow-up. She has now incorporated Tao Calligraphy writing and tracing into her maintenance practice. She is now 10 years cancer-free.

Case Study 2

G.G. a 65-year-old male medical doctor, had suddenly developed severe, left-sided Bell’s palsy in 2005. He experienced left eye heaviness and drooping, as well as paralysis of the left brow and facial muscles. These symptoms were more pronounced in the latter part of the day.

He had tried numerous conventional and alternative treatments, neuropathic medicines, facial exercises, tapping and taping therapies, acupuncture, Korean hand meridian needling, and pulsing therapies, with little impact. Taping was the most effective, but significant Bell’s palsy remained.

The Bell’s palsy persisted until 2016. While attending a calligraphy training class and learning to write Tao Calligraphy, G.G. received correction from a teacher on the calligraphy work he was doing. Within 60 seconds of implementing the corrections, he could feel his face changing, muscles moving, nerves awakening. There was an immediate onset of transformation, with approximately 60% instantaneous improvement.


Soul Mind Body Medicine and soul-healing practices can be used on their own or can be successfully combined with conventional medicine or any other type of therapy to enhance health outcomes. The simple practices can be easily taught to patients for their own daily use, to enhance and support their overall healing.


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Linda L. Brown, BA, ND, graduated from CCNM in 2001. Dr Brown is in private practice in Toronto, Ontario, where she sees mostly stressed-out, burned-out women with low energy, digestive problems, and allergies. She works with emotional therapies, addressing soul, mind, and body in her healing and self-healing work. Dr Brown enjoys cultural travel; in 2010 she went to Nicaragua with Natural Doctors International to bring much-needed healthcare and support to the local communities. She is also an accomplished percussionist, and for the last 20 years has brought joy and healing through drumming, music, and sound vibration.

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