AANP’s “Champion of Naturopathic Medicine” Award Goes to NDNR Owner, Founder and Publisher, Razi Berry

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Razi Berry on left, with Jaclyn Chasse, President of AANP

It is with great honor that Naturopathic Doctor News & Review’s owner, founder, and publisher, Razi Berry, was honored with the prestigious “Champion of Naturopathic Medicine” by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) at the 2017 AANP conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The Champion Award is bestowed annually by the AANP Board of Directors to a non-ND individual that is deeply committed to changing the landscape of healthcare through his/her championship of naturopathic medicine.

Champion Award Criteria

The following selection criteria is used for the award:

  • Honors the educational standards of naturopathic medicine
  • Serves as a voice to educate and influence healthcare consumers, providers of all types, and/or the media about the positive impact of naturopathic doctors on healthcare
  • Demonstrates a commitment to expanding access to naturopathic doctors by advocating the value of naturopathic medicine to government, healthcare institutions, or corporate entities
  • Holds a vision for the profession and practice of naturopathic medicine that is larger than self, and is selfless in nature
  • Demonstrates through character and actions a commitment to the principles of naturopathic medicine

“A True Champion for Naturopathic Medicine”

Jaclyn Chasse, President of AANP, states, “Razi is a true champion for naturopathic medicine in all aspects of her life and career. She lives the ideals of healthy living, she expands the growth of the profession with advancing learning and exposure to other healthcare providers through NDNR, and she promotes naturopathic medicine to consumers in all she touches. We celebrate Razi, and are so happy to recognize her through the Champion of Naturopathic Medicine award.”

Past recipients of the “Champion of Naturopathic Medicine” award include Heather Zwickey, PhD, David J. Schleich, PhD, Laura Farr, Karolyn Gazella, John Weeks, and William Benda, MD.

Razi Berry’s Personal Journey

Razi Berry began her journey into natural medicine in her 20s as she sought to find relief from the chronic pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia. In her blog on TheNatPath.com, Razi recounts her experience:

I went from specialist to specialist who would only look respectively at his or her area of practice. The neurologist, for example, would attempt to treat my migraines, which affected my vision and were accompanied by nausea and body pain. He explained that the headaches could in no way be related to my other symptoms. A GI specialist would attempt to treat my nausea, but said my body pain and headaches were not related. An endocrinologist looked at my hormones and told me I would probably never conceive, but couldn’t say why I was so out of balance or what I could do to fix it. Finally, a rheumatologist suggested a cocktail of pain medication, and that I should fill out the necessary forms for disability insurance.

I was 25 years old. This illness was affecting my job, my relationships, even my very future. I had dreams. Disability wasn’t one of them.

I was resolved to take my health into my own hands.

After months of research and investigation, Razi found naturopathic medicine as an option to help her heal.

NDNR & NaturalPath

So inspired by the medicine that led to her recovery, Razi Berry began Naturopathic Doctor News & Review (NDNR) in 2005. On a monthly basis, the publication covers the practice of naturopathic medicine and includes the products and services that natural medicine physicians use and prescribe. The content consists of articles written by practicing naturopathic doctors for practicing naturopathic doctors. Contributors also include the presidents of the accredited naturopathic universities, naturopathic associations, and leaders in a diverse range of naturopathic modalities.

“It was my hope to create a forum for the entire profession to engage and encourage collaboration from doctors in the industry to produce better patient outcomes through education,” stated Razi Berry.

In 2015, Razi Berry would go on to establish NaturalPath, a leading website for the advocacy of naturopathic medicine. She has held 2 wildly-popular online summits, including the Natural Cancer Prevention Summit and The Heart Revolution, which aimed to educate the consumer market on the benefits of naturopathic medicine; they involved nearly 100 hours of video interviews with participating NDs.

She continues her quest to bring naturopathic medicine to those who need it most.

Today I am healthy and thriving! My amazing recovery led me to create resources to promote the principles of naturopathic medicine so that more people can experience the healing power of nature. I overcame the pain of fibromyalgia, infertility, and chronic fatigue, and now I have 2 healthy daughters.”

This is your medicine. Wear the word “Naturopathic” like the crown that it is. Be proud of that word.

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