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A Letter From Terry Cotter Regarding  FDA Public Hearings on Homeopathy

Today I have just returned from the North West Naturopathic Practitioners Conference at Seattle. While I did have several intense conversations with attending delegates about this Homeopathic Drug Review by FDA, the subject did not seem to be mentioned at the event podium. I was surprised such an urgent issue for natural and alternative medicine didn’t get to the spotlight there during this window for written opinions (closes June 22).

To me, the FDA public hearing itself seemed like a fantastic Homeopathy Symposium. Of course if you listen to the usual pharma writers in media, 2 of the 39 speakers seem to get the corporate press. That is why we need to invite the public and our patients to participate in lending their opinions to this process!

The Materia Medica company (on Day 2) presented their NMR molecular studies comparing signatures of original substance to their new homeopathically prepared product. They found activity in both the original substance and the HM dilution. They also demonstrated the final product efficacy with clinic trials. A tremendous review of the effectiveness of innovative homeopathic preparation strategy. That strategy is intended to deliver the efficacy benefit of the original substance without delivering the toxicity that comes from introducing the full strength drug to the physiological system. Yes! Innovations! But I didn’t sense any of the importance of that presentation was understood by the panel.

Click Here to see the Hearing Videos and Submissions

My short presentation was dedicated to the importance of consultation with the right people and balancing this very very small risk with the opportunity for continued industry innovation (see the presentation by the Poison Control Center!). Most of my presentation is missing from the web stream. I have provided it on our web page for your benefit.

Dr Peter Fisher MD HD, physician to the Queen, provided an excellent presentation at the end of Day 2.

Click Here: Healthy Future –  learn about the FDA Homeopathy ‘Review’ and respond.

American colleagues, please take the time to reach out to the peers and the public to get submissions sent to the review process.

Many professionals feel a troubling uncertainty about the future of your Freedom to Choose CAM methodologies and new generalized negative PR attentions steered toward Natural Medicine generally.

I urge you to take some time to inform your community. Invite the public to state their opinions.

Submit your opinion using the easy link on our web page.  Find easy links to several resources on this web page, or create your own and get them out there!

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