A gas naturally produced in our body fights RSV infection

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GALVESTON, Texas – The virus that causes a cold-like infection in adults that can make the very young or old dangerously sick can be fought by a gas naturally produced in the human body.

The research was published online in the Journal of Virology.

That discovery was announced by a team of scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, who are the first to show that hydrogen sulfide reduces the severity of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

With RSV, the body becomes less able to produce the gas, but the UTMB study has found that a medication that triggers the production of it decreases the virus’ ability to multiply and therefore reduces airway inflammation.

Currently, even after decades of intensive research on fighting viral respiratory diseases, there is no vaccine or effective treatment for RSV or other related respiratory viral infections.

The scientists now believe that further research into the trigger drugs that enhance the body’s ability to produce hydrogen sulfide may lead to better approaches for the treatment of viral bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

Dr. Lance J. Morris, ND, Wholistic Family Medicine in Tuscon, Ariz says “As Naturopathic physicians we have a vast array of therapies to effectively treat viral infections.”

Morris lists nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc, herbal extracts such echinacea, lomatium and glycyrrhiza, essential oils such as ravintsara, thyme thujanol, MQV/niaouli and eucalyptus administered from a diffusor to homeopathic viral nosodes and remedies such oscillococcinum, to acupuncture and constitutional hydrotherapy as ways to treat patients with respiratory viruses.

“It seems to me that for the authentic benefit of our patients that we are overdue for a joining of forces between Naturopaths and Allopaths,” Morris said. “We have the science and clinical experience to validate our work. We just need to refine our delivery so the Allopathic community will pay attention.”

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