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Pamela Snider, ND

We continue to move closer to completing the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine (FNM) manuscript for submission to Elsevier next year. All 160 chapters of the textbook have been drafted and submitted, with some in the “re-work” stage. During 2013-2014, the FNM Project has been focused on its editing phases: section-, science-, medical-, and senior editing work on author submissions. Section editing is 87% complete, science editing 77% complete, medical editing 57% complete, and senior editing 51% complete. Recently, the Spirituality and Modalities sections were completed by Stephen Myers, ND, PhD, BMed (Au); Airdre Grant, PhD (Au), and Sally Mathrick, ND (Au), with extensive editorial support from FNM Production Editor Kelsang Tenpa and Senior Editors Don Warren, ND (Can), and Roger Newman Turner, ND, DO, LAc (UK).

The Clinical Systems section has completed a second section-edit by Associate Editor Paul Orrock, MAppSc (VU), ND, DBM, DO (Au), while Associate Editor Thom Kruzel ND oversees a second comprehensive science-edit with Science Editor Alex Vasquez, ND, DC, DO. Authors are being contacted as needed for queries, and will receive chapters for updates and final review before submission to Elsevier. Upon completion of all 4 edit cycles, a culminating unified-edit by the FNM senior editors will ensure coherence, consistency, and a seamless flow across the entire textbook.

The final Senior Editor Unified Edit Retreat has been funded by the Lotte and John Hecht Foundation. We are incredibly thankful to them, and to Ruth Westreich of the Westreich Foundation for their second grants, which FNM received this summer. Our warmest thanks to Mimi Guarneri, MD, and the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine for their visionary support of FNM in partnership with the Westreich Foundation in support of this grant.

It is exciting, as we approach completion, to see extensive proceedings from the 2007 (Skamania), 2010, and 2011 Editorial Retreats utilized and woven throughout the book, representing critical emerging international perspectives in the profession.

FNM Accomplishments in 2013-2014

Overall, FNM has worked intensively this year on these key sections of the textbook: Essentials, Modalities Primary Care, Clinical Systems, Clinical Algorithms, Science, and Spirituality. Our 2013-2014 accomplishments include:

  • An Emunctorology education module, which reaches a growing number of naturopathic physicians and students. Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), FNM, and the Naturopathic Medicine Institute (NMI) co-hosted a fully revised and updated 16-hour Emunctorology continuing-education course at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), from which CCNM produced a video webinar course, with faculty Thom Kruzel, ND; Stephen Myers, ND, BMed, PhD; and James Sensenig, ND. This webinar course is available from CCNM for continuing-education credits. As of this year, nearly 1000 students and professionals have benefited from this training.
  • Treatment of The Immune System, Immunity and Infectious Disease has been strengthened as a subsection of the textbook. Lead author Hilary Andrews, ND, along with her diverse team of co-authors and medical editor Amy Neil, MS, MAP, have expanded the philosophical, scientific, clinical, and historical context for infectious disease (the evolution of germ theory, terrain theory, and the influence of these 2 theories on today’s approach to infectious disease) to encompass traditional and modern naturopathic theory, therapeutic approaches, prevention and evidence, as well as immunology.
  • Naturopathic Medicine Professional Formation & History Timeline, version 3.0, is being completed, nearly all reviewer comments have been carefully addressed, and History leads Mitch Stargrove, ND, LAc, and Hunter Peterson, ND (with Steven Bailey, ND), are now incorporating Senior Editor review findings. The Timeline will be released in the coming year. Currently, NCNM is hosting the Timeline, version 2.0, on display at their campus in Portland, OR. Thank you to NCNM President Dr David Schleich for hosting the Timeline and using it as a dynamic teaching tool!
  • Finally, FNM is very proud to announce the “graduation” of our 1st FNM Foundations Fellow and a grant award from Emerson Ecologics to the FNM Project for our 2nd FNM Fellow. The Fellowship was launched by Priority One to ensure future scholarship in naturopathic medicine, by establishing a tradition of intergenerational philosophy mentorship. Our 1st Fellow, Kelsi Ervin, ND, is trained and happily remains with FNM as an associate editor and author. Dr Ervin is moving forward on her clinical career, currently practicing at the Natural Health Clinic with Laura Shelton, ND, in Bellingham, WA. Through her exceptional work with The FNM Project, Dr Ervin wrote, supported, and/or or co-authored multiple chapters, did extensive research, edited or coordinated many sections, and helped design a tracking system of resources. She was inspired to co-found with FNM author Marcus Coplin, ND, the Nature Alliance Cure Center, an institution to advance education, research and clinical trials of vitalistic-based, nature-cure medicine. Emerson Ecologics awarded FNM a generous grant in May 2014 for $7800 to launch the 2nd Foundations Fellow.

New Liaisons Welcomed in 2013-2014

FNM welcomes 2 new International Agency Liaisons: Mario Szewiel, ND, DO – General Council and Register of Naturopaths, UK; and Phillip Cottingham, ND, PGDip, BHSc – Wellpark College of Natural Therapies Principal and Founder, New Zealand. Our first New Zealand Agency!

We also want to once again thank our exceptional hard-working and patient team of associate editors, authors, and student volunteers, also our Agency Liaisons and all of their organizations (AANMC-CCACO, AANP, BINM, CAND, CNME, NDI, NMSA, NPLEX, NWNPC, and Wellpark College) for their tremendous support. We will soon be reaching out to Agency Liaisons for selected reviews as we ready the textbook for publication. NCNM, our Academic Home, continues to be fabulous on our behalf and in fostering the goals we all share. Finally, FNM’s Friends of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine – our financial and in-kind donors – are the wind beneath our wings! Without every one of you, the textbook would not be all it can be.


As the textbook publication becomes a reality, we are feeling the excitement in the air! This project was undertaken with a spirit of collaboration that continues to flourish. The completion of the textbook will be a valuable resource to our schools, naturopathic medicine graduates of the future, policy-makers, and our colleagues in other disciplines. The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine – The Healing Power of Nature will help our profession stand on a strong understanding of its deep history, strong roots, and its essential streams and lineages of knowledge as we codify our collective knowledge today.

Friends of the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine

Charter Corporate Sponsors Foundations Gifts
Champion ($500,000)**Healing Power of Nature: “Vis Medicatrix Naturae”


Lotte & John Hecht Memorial Foundation ($105,000)           -in collaboration with Bastyr University
Vital Force ($250,000)**“Ecology of Healing”

Metagenics Inc

Westreich Foundation ($125,000)         -in collaboration with the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine
Ruby ($150,000)**Optimal Health: “Optimas Salutem”

Thorne Research, Inc

Modern History Research and FNM Gifts: Anonymous Friend ($20,000)
  Corporate Grants
Diamond ($125,000)**First, Do No Harm: “Primum Non Nocere”

Essiac International

Biotics Research Corporation ($25,000)           -as the Science and Nature Science Editor sponsor

Emerson Ecologics ($7,800)

           -as a 2nd Post-Doctoral Naturopathic Foundations Fellowship Program sponsor

Gold ($50,000)**Treat the Whole Person: “Tolle Totum”


Bioclinic Naturals

Naturopathic Doctor News & Review

TxO, Treatment Options Pharmacy, from Standard Homeopathic Company

Friends GiftsBezwecken ($5,000)

Nutri (Imports & Exports) Ltd, UK ($5,000)



Silver ($25,000)**Physician as Teacher: “Docere”

Biotics Research Corporation

US BioTek Laboratories

Hippocrates Circle – Physicians with Gifts of $5,000 or moreLynn Voortman, ND ($5,000)

Turner’s Naturopathic Dispensary & Winnipeg Naturopathic Clinic ($5,000)

The Mitchell Family

Topaz ($15,000)**Inaugural Post-Doctoral Naturopathic Foundations Fellowship Program and Multi-Year Bronze Sponsor

Priority One

Academic Home and Partners ProgramNational College of Natural Medicine


The FNM Project has its academic home at NCNM in Portland. NCNM’s commitment to the project through its Partners Program has been important to the long-term strength of FNM as a catalyst for professional formation.

Bronze ($5,000)**Prevention and Wellness

Nutri (Imports & Exports) Ltd, UK

Integrative Therapeutics, Inc


Torf LLC


Innate Response Formulas

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