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Looking to Lose Weight and Make Healthier Long-Lasting Dietary Changes? Get Personal

According to a study out of Newcastle University and published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, people receiving personalized nutrition advice develop healthier habits including consuming less red meat and reducing their salt intake. The “personalized nutrition” approach uses individualizing to motivate the individual to a healthier lifestyle. Instead of a generic “eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily” or eat 2 portions of fish, one of which is oily fish, per week” they look to delve closely into the person’s body and nutrition to create a specific plan to help them get healthier.

Study Showed Personalized Nutrition Helped People Make Bigger and More Appropriate Changes to Diets

“Many of us know that we could improve our health and well-being if we eat better – however, we find it really difficult to change our eating habits and to maintain those improved eating patterns. In this study we found that personalized nutrition advice helped people to make bigger and more appropriate changes to their diets than the conventional healthy eating advice which was followed by our control group.”

Results of the Study

The results of the study as stated by the researchers were that, “Six months after they started, those participants in the personalized nutrition groups had improved their eating patterns significantly more than those in the control group. They were eating a healthier diet overall including less red meat, saturated fat and salt and were eating significantly more of the B vitamin, folate, found in vegetables and fruits.

Internet Increases Ability to Access Relevant Information

With an increasing ability for companies to harness the internet for users, “People were able to use the internet to upload relevant information about themselves and about their current eating patterns, which was then used to work out the personalized advice relevant to each participant.”

So if you want to get healthier and maybe even lose a couple pounds, then try and get some personalized nutritional advice.

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