Combining Cutting-Edge Science with Centuries-Old Wisdom for a Truly Holistic Approach to Patient Health Concerns

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The NEW Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program starts January 2014!

CFSPP BannerSeattle, WA—Today, Food & Spirit Founder and health expert, Deanna Minich, PhD, announced the new Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program, enabling healthcare practitioners to develop a multi-faceted approach to their clinical practice through the combination of cutting-edge findings in science with the centuries-old wisdom of ancient medicine traditions such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr Deanna Minich is one of those special people who has both the gifts of a scientific mind coupled with an equal measure of artistic humanism. She is a “blender” of the objective with the less tangible energies that define what allow people to do amazing things. In the ten years I have had the privilege of working with her I have been amazed at seeing her continual growth and contributions as a woman of great substance in pushing forward the evolution of the healthcare movement.,” said Jeffrey Bland, PhD, father of Functional Medicine and nutrigenomics pioneer.

Several international healthcare professionals, including naturopathic physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, acupuncturist, yoga practitioners, and health coaches, from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Brazil, have already finalized their enrollment in the program. They are enthusiastic for a new, creative vision of medicine in the 21st century that encompasses a broader perspective to healing. Tambra Stevenson, MS, RD, Founder and Director of Creative Cause and Food for the Soul, recently committed to become a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner which will enable her to add a ‘lift’ to her already successful clinical practice.  As my own subspecialty within the nutrition and dietetics field, I enrolled in the Certificate for Food and Spirit created by Dr. Deanna Minich. Coupled with my years of experience and education I intend to go deeper in creating true transformative change with the lives I touch with Food and Spirit.”  Tambra Raye Stevenson, MS, CPT, Founder of Nativsol Kitchen

Another nutrition professional who will be embarking upon the certification, Vered Kantor, M.S., R.D., L.D., I.C., comments on her previous experience in taking Dr. Minich’s Food & Spirit programs: “I highly recommend every dietitian out there to take this course. It helped me to really see the full picture of what nutrition is all about. It is impossible to practice integrative nutrition without incorporating this great valuable information to your consulting sessions. On a personal level, this course really strengthened me. I feel much more in balance in my personal and my professional life. The speaker is definitely not to be missed…what a great source of knowledge, endless support, and highly compassionate person. This course is truly a blessing. Already integrated some of the material with patients, and I can see great result. A must to every health practitioner.”

The time is right for being part of this exciting movement of change to transform disease care into true “health” care. Food & Spirit offers its 12-week online program to equip health professionals with a diverse array of personalized lifestyle medicine tools to shift their clinical practice to be nourishing not just for their patients, but also for themselves.  The program is available currently at an introductory price until November 1, 2013.  Register either at or
About Food & Spirit and Deanna Minich, PhD:  Food & Spirit was developed by personalized lifestyle medicine pioneer, Deanna Minich, PhD, as a way to cultivate eating as a path to personal growth. It addresses a path to the full spectrum nourishment of the seven aspects of the self as recognized in ancient healing traditions.

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