Douglas Laboratories Introduces Supercritical Omega-3

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PITTSBURGH, PA – Douglas Laboratories, a leader in innovation in the professional healthcare supplementation market, is proud to introduce its newest, most potent form of omega-3 supplementation: QÜELL Omega-3 Fish Oil. The QÜELL difference lies in its supercritical CO2 extraction method, providing a highly concentrated triglyceride form of omega-3.

Using supercritical CO2 extraction technology, omega-3 fatty acids are extracted without high temperatures, oxygen or chemical solvents, ensuring that the oil is protected from oxidation, microbiological contamination, solvent residue and isomer formation. This is also the preferred extraction method as it is more environmentally responsible and also purifies and concentrates to a higher degree. Additionally, a growing body of scientific evidence supports the triglyceride (or re-esterfied triglyceride) form of the fatty acids as having the greatest absorption (compared to the ethyl ester form), significantly increasing the index of EPA and DHA in the blood. QÜELL Omega-3 Fish Oil is unique in that it is the only fish oil on the market utilizing supercritical CO2 extracted fish oil in a triglyceride form to achieve the highest benefits.

“We are always looking for ways to make tried and true products even better,” says Dr. Andrew Halpner, PhD. “Using precision German engineering and manufacturing, we can offer fish oil products that use this unique supercritical CO2 technology provides a unique extraction method. We can now provide an enhanced omega-3 product with critical purity due to extremely low levels of contaminants; critical bioavailability for better absorption; and critical concentration of EPA and DHA—so patients can reap the benefits of the purest fish oil on the market.“

QÜELL Omega-3 Fish Oil contains highly concentrated amounts (75%) of essential fatty acids DHA and EPA—providing more DHA and EPA per capsule than other leading brands. Additionally, Douglas Laboratories’ QÜELL Fish Oils come in a fish gelatin softgel making it more suitable for patients not wanting to take bovine or porcine gelatin. They provide less odor and taste due to the supercritical CO2 purification process, allowing for a more pleasant experience when consuming fish oil.

QÜELL Omega-3 Fish Oil comes in 3 versions: High EPA, High DHA, and High EPA + DHA with Vitamin D. It is now available to healthcare practitioners exclusively through Douglas Laboratories. For more information on QÜELL Omega 3 Fish Oil and to view our Supercritical QÜELL video, visit

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