Hilma’s Clinically Backed Herbal Alternatives Are Now Available on Fullscript

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One year after their launch in January 2020, Hilma is launching into the practitioner market with distribution through Fullscript. Back in 2018, Hilma’s three female founders Nina Mullen, Hilary Quartner and Lily Galef looked at their medicine cabinets and realized that out of habit and convenience, they were still using sugary, synthetic OTC products when they weren’t feeling well. Committed to making herbals easy to understand and available for all, they set out on a mission to create accessible herbal remedies with clear use cases — high-quality, natural alternatives to drug store brands.

Their existing product lineup focuses on relief from common ailments like Upset Stomach Relief for occasional heartburn and indigestion, Tension Relief for occasional head tension, Immune Support for immune system support and Indoor/Outdoor Support for sinus support from triggers like pollen and dust.

Their approach is simple and effective. First, they partner with top doctors and herbalists, including Aviva Romm M.D. and Neeta Ogden M.D., to formulate their products. The company is dedicated to creating scientifically-backed products, so they ensure each ingredient used has significant scientific research behind it. They took their commitment to science a step further by investing in their own foundational clinical studies to establish a baseline of product performance for their three launch products. “By doing the clinical research themselves, and clearly explaining the data on their website and products in a way that consumers can understand, Hilma is able to get natural and effective products into the hands of more people who need and can truly benefit from them,” said Dr. Soyona Rafatjah, board-certified family medicine physician practicing integrative and functional medicine. Dr. Rafatjah is the Principal Investigator of Hilma’s clinical studies. 

While Hilma’s initial launch focused primarily on their DTC site and some high end retailers, they have always intended to bring their high-quality herbal blends to the functional practitioner community. Their launch on Fullscript is particularly exciting, as now practitioners across the country can easily recommend Hilma to their patients looking for natural solutions. Since Hilma’s products are intended to work in acute settings as well as long term, they can help patients alleviate occasional discomfort naturally.

You can find Hilma on Fullscript here, or sign up for Fullscript here if you don’t have an account already.

About Hilma

Founded in 2020 in New York, Hilma is a female-founded natural remedies brand that is bringing herbal remedies to the medicine cabinet. The company’s mission is to create accessible herbal products with natural ingredients that are backed by clinical research, made without label, and formulated with a board of doctors, including an experienced scientific advisory board of MDs, PhDs, and herbalists. All products are proudly <1g of sugar, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Vegan and made with no dyes or fillers. For more about Hilma, visit www.hilma.co 

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