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February 16, 2011 412.471.0840, [email protected]


PITTSBURGH, PA – Douglas Laboratories announces that Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has granted it exclusive North America distribution rights of Corvalen® D-Ribose, a nutritional supplement formulated and clinically shown to help restore depleted energy reserves.

“We are proud to add Corvalen D-Ribose to our line of nutraceutical products, enhancing our promise to provide the best and latest supplements on the market,” said Doug Lioon, Executive Chairman. “Ribose is a highly sought after supplement among consumers due to its enhancing effect on their energy levels. And now, this product is only available to healthcare practitioners exclusively through Douglas Laboratories.”

Ribose is used by the body to regulate synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy currency of cells. Corvalen contains a patented formulation of pure Bioenergy Ribose, a safe and clinically proven ingredient that accelerates the natural way the human body produces energy.

“Corvalen (ribose) has appropriately been called The Sugar of Life,” said Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. “It is the most exciting new nutrient discovery of this decade.”

Corvalen D-Ribose supplementation has been clinically shown to support heart health and reduce fatigue, muscle soreness and stiffness associated with reduced cellular energy.* It has also been clinically proven to restore cellular energy needed to promote healthy tissue function, increase exercise tolerance and improve quality of life.

For more information on Corvalen D-Ribose, visit www.douglaslabs.com.

*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Subsidiary of Atrium Innovations Inc. [TSX: ATB], Douglas Laboratories, the trusted choice of thousands of healthcare professionals for more than 50 years, is at the forefront of the nutritional health industry, proudly researching, developing and manufacturing superior quality, science-based supplements that help people improve their health. It is recognized throughout

the industry for its uncompromising operational practices at its state-of-the-art, GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities. Douglas Laboratories continues to provide the added insurance of multiple domestic and international GMP certifications, including ISO-9001 certification and ISO-17025 accreditation for in-house laboratories, as well as NSF International Registration. Douglas Laboratories currently offers more than 600 branded products, introducing new products on a continuous basis. Working with an experienced research staff of PhDs and a prestigious medical advisory board, Douglas Laboratories

is committed to bringing innovative, science-based products to the marketplace. Douglas Laboratories distributes worldwide, with its headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. For additional information, please visit www.douglaslabs.com.


Atrium Innovations Inc. is a globally recognized leader in the innovation, formulation, production and commercialization of science-based and professionally endorsed products for the health & nutrition industry. The company focuses primarily on growing segments of the health and nutrition markets, which are benefiting from the trends towards healthy living and the aging of the population. Atrium markets a broad portfolio of finished products through its highly specialized sales and marketing network in more than 35 countries, primarily in North America and Europe. Atrium has more than 925 employees and operates seven manufacturing facilities. Additional information about Atrium is available on its website at www.atrium-innovations.com.


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