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Hilma was created when Nina, Hilary and Lily, the Hilma founders, realized that the traditional medicine cabinet staples — those sugary pills and brightly colored syrups — simply weren’t cutting it anymore. They set out to create a new standard for their medicines cabinets, combining traditional herbal remedies with science and research to create natural products that actually work. Hilma currently has five products: Immune Support, Upset Stomach Relief, Tension Relief, Indoor / Outdoor Support and an Elderberry Immune Gummy. Each product is made of only natural ingredients that have significant clinical research behind them, and they are formulated with the help of experts, including our experienced scientific advisory board of MDs, PhDs, and herbalists. All products are proudly low in sugar, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Vegan and made with no dyes or fillers.

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