TAP Integrative Launches an Online Educational Community for Integrative Practitioners

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GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – February 5, 2015 – TAP Integrative announces the launch of an online educational community resource dedicated to furthering the evidence-informed and experience-based knowledge between integrative practitioners. TAPintegrative.org is a membership site designed for “on-demand” access to clinically reviewed and science-based clinical practice topics and research, leading clinical experts and to a community of integrative healthcare professionals. A non-profit organization founded and sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics, TAP’s mission is truly unique. To learn more, visit TAP Integrative Launches Online Educational Community.

“TAP stands for the teaching, advocacy and practice of integrative medicine,” said Dr. Lise Alschuler, Executive Director of TAP. “Our goal is to support the community of practitioners that are committed to the practice of integrative medicine. Since education and practical knowledge are both necessary for continued growth in our practices, it’s exciting to see TAP Integrative become a resource that can provide both. Our hope is that TAP soon becomes the go-to trusted resource for deepening and advancing clinical expertise.”

TAP’s content is presented in multiple formats including video discussions, audio abstracts, blogs, case discussions, graphic overviews, research reviews, and patient education tools. The website is designed so that the practitioner can quickly take away key insights from a clinical topic or can delve deeply into the topic. Collaboration between members also takes place by exchanging best practices in the member forum, or by directly asking the subject experts. TAP offers members a number of unique benefits including access to a drug-nutrient interaction database and, in collaboration with institutional member, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a digital article retrieval service.

“A TAP member can learn from either experts or experienced peers in various fields of practice, with the flexibility to access learning on their own schedule,” continues Dr. Alschuler. “Membership is available to healthcare professionals and students. TAP encourages sharing experiences and will become a tool to improve your daily practice. The ultimate goal and outcome of TAP is truly to improve patient outcomes.”

Dr. Alschuler shares further insight into the development of TAP Integrative here TAP Integrative Launches Online Educational Community. To learn more about the membership portal, visit TAPIntegrative.org.

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