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The California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA), in partnership with Realize a Healthy California,1 is invested in supporting the quality care provided by our licensed naturopathic doctors, embracing the diverse needs of our patients, and providing the tools and education to support health in California and beyond.  

COVID-19 & Pandemic Information 

As the coronavirus spread began to worsen in March, we created a detailed dashboard to track fast-updating information and direct our readers to high-quality health information. This service helped provide curated news for our readers, and we continue to share local health updates on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.  

California also invested in licensed naturopathic doctors at this time. California has created 2 new webinar series to provide supportive tools to the ND community, including “Doctor as Teacher” and “Partner as Teacher.” We believe that using technology to help our medical professionals further connect and support their patients adds value to the health of our entire community. 

In addition, CNDA has worked closely with the AANP to provide detailed research used to foster understanding and provide guidance surrounding recent FTC regulations. 

Black Lives Matter 

As part of our Realize a Healthy California mission, we believe that health requires a whole community, and that means everyone. With the support of our talented doctors, we believe that health should be inclusive. Our position on the tragic death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others can be summed up below: 

As doctors who listen, we have heard the cries of pain and outrage at the violence and injustice against Black Americans across the nation.  

As doctors who teach, we must speak out against racism and discrimination wherever we find it, knowing silence is complicity.  

As doctors who treat the root cause, we commit to dismantling the racism in ourselves, the racism in our communities, and the racism in our institutions that has led to disparities in healthcare, housing, education, employment, and criminal justice.  

As doctors who heal, we believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER and stand in unity with those calling for justice and lasting change. 

Awareness & Access 

With respect to pandemic risks, we have chosen to focus on virtual, not physical, events at this time. We will be offering a virtual consumer education experience to celebrate Naturopathic Medicine Month. It is our hope that we can increase awareness of the health principles and practices involved in naturopathic medicine. We are creating awareness for both advocacy and access by sharing patient stories involving naturopathic lifestyles.  

This pandemic has also highlighted the disparities in healthcare available to underserved and vulnerable populations. Our Realize a Healthy California vision for 2021 is working to provide mobile naturopathic medical care to those who may not otherwise have access.  

If you have questions on any upcoming projects, wish to help share your patient stories, or have requests for information, please contact [email protected]


  1. Realize A Healthy California. Let’s create a Healthy California. Available at: Accessed July 14, 2020. 
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