Bio-Electric Chemistry in Practice: A Case Study

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Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh

Everyone is tired of feeling tired, and as a practitioner of natural medicine, my goal is to understand why when a patient consults me. From generation to generation, therapeutic recommendations have been handed down, resulting in the mass of information and modalities that comprise our arsenal against disease. An inborn error in human thinking is to assume that we can only suggest an approach that is based on our level of understanding, and that the foundation of our decisions must be based on the minds of our ancestors and historical observation in complement with modern diagnostic and functional supportive approaches to health.   

But what if you could explain your approach through the undeniable science of mathematics? If asked to define perfect health, how many definitions would we find among the natural health professionals who just read and considered the question? I have found that only 1 particular science of health can adequately define “perfect health,” by explaining the human body in terms of energy utilization and mathematics. I’ve elucidated on this science in previous NDNR articles about bio-electric chemistry.1-3 I encourage you to review those articles for the nuts and bolts of this approach, as I’d like to present a practical application of this incredible tool of restoration, as opposed to screaming out to the naturopathic world about it. 

The mathematical genius, Dr Carey Reams, determined the perfect equation for Human Biological Ionization, as shown below. As I explained in my October 2016 article,2 the brix, pH, and conductivity represent potential energy, efficiency, and resistance of energy movement into the system, while the conductivity, cell debris, and nitrates represent how energy moves out of the system. These variables together tell a story of energy balance and efficiency. The following equation represents the line of least resistance of energy in humans: 

1.5(brix) 6.4(urine pH)/6.4(saliva pH) 6.5C(conductivity) 0.04M(cell debris) 3(nitrate nitrates)/3(ammonia nitrates) + CS(common sense) 

All of these variables are explained in detail in my previous articles and are key points to understand. To summarize, it all starts with knowing the ideal energy ratio for a patient and coming to understand what the variables represent when they are not ideal. Simple urine and saliva testing can be used to measure the variables, which Dr Reams reportedly never tested mathematically to be false in his 50 years of research. As I discuss these variables, keep in mind that we are thinking in terms of energy and that any deviation of a variable from the ideal represents an energy loss.  

As you come to understand the variables, you will begin to see a “picture” of health develop, with a predictable set of symptoms appearing when an energy loss most deviates from the ideal for a particular variable, or as a pattern develops. As you learn to teach clients to live a lifestyle that enables them to constantly gain energy and restore energy reserves, they begin to experience health restoration and increased tolerance of known body stressors. Keeping in mind that you must gain more energy than you have consumed, improvements in sugar regulation (ie, brix control), calcium and mineral utilization (ie, pH regulation), and salt/protein regulation (ie, conductivity and nitrate monitoring) become equivalent to stimulation or regulation of the vital force in naturopathic terms.  

Case Study 

The Patient 

A 72-year-old white male, a retired teacher, consulted me. His height was 5’ 10”, his weight was 170 lb, and his variables calculated as follows: 

2.6(brix) 5.4(urine pH) /7.2(saliva pH) 5C(conductivity) 4M+++(cell debris) 2(nitrate nitrates) /5(ammonia nitrates)   

As I don’t like to present cases only by demographics and numbers, let’s call this client Ed. Via phone, Ed presented in consultation with his wife, a retired nurse who was introduced to biological ionization concepts in the 1980s. Ed was experiencing extreme weakness and fatigue, and was sleeping approximately 18 hours per day but not feeling rested. He would attempt to sit up about 2 hours each day but would become overwhelmed with fatigue. Attempts to eat led to stomach complaints of nausea and diarrhea, with intolerable belching and gas. Any exertion beyond sitting resulted in extreme shortness of breath. Ed had a rash on his arms and could not lift his arms even to wash himself, thus requiring shower and bathing assistance. He complained of constant sinus drainage. At the time of our consultation, Ed had not eaten for 36 hours. In general, he was only able to tolerate small amounts of soft-boiled eggs, yogurt, broth, or rice pudding. His only supplementation consisted of calcium hydroxide and chlorophyll, as the wife recognized that raising pH with these agents would help with pain and sugar regulation. Ed’s gastrointestinal symptoms began in November 2019, and since December 26th he had not been able to tolerate any variety in his diet. 

Ed’s symptoms began shortly after an outbreak from poison sumac in August, which was treated with topical steroids. He believed that absorption of the steroids led to a compromised immune system and susceptibility to infections. His dentist also thought that an implant might be infected. Since his symptoms escalated following the dental assessment, Ed believed that the radiation exposure might have compounded the body burden and overall susceptibility. As my role in a non-licensing state for naturopathic medicine precludes diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention, I suggested a series of lab studies for Ed to request from his primary care physician (PCP), which included a chemistry panel, CBC with differential, liver function tests (LFTs) along with alkaline phosphatase and LDH, a lipid profile, homocysteine, PSA, CEA, fecal occult blood test, serum protein electrophoresis, B12 and folate, iron tests, vitamin D, and TSH. In the meantime, I had a series of numbers to consider.  

Looking at the Numbers 

Ed’s initial numbers above revealed multiple signs of catabolism and energy loss. When a new client presents, I first look at the numbers and demographics to understand what is occurring before I review the patient’s history and primary concerns, and Ed was no different. His sugars (ie, brix, as measured by a refractometer) indicated a tendency to crash and hypoglycemic episodes with poor oxygenation potential. This explained his extreme fatigue and muscle weakness, which was likely compounded by mineral deficiencies of calcium and potassium. Ed’s urine pH showed that he was highly acidic and that his energy was moving too fast, which would account for his diarrhea and inability to absorb nutrients and/or utilize them. Ed’s saliva pH was highly alkaline (based on a pH of 6.4 being neutral and ideal in biological optimization); this would account for weakness of his bile, congestion of his liver, and inability to produce building blocks of cells or to utilize the minerals he was consuming. The saliva pH was also consistent with sinus irritation, which explained his constant rhinitis. Ed’s urine brix:conductivity ratio suggested that he was demineralizing, was anemic, had fluid viscosity imbalances, and that he couldn’t transmit energy across cell membranes (as anything less than a 1:4 ratio indicates decreased electrical transmission across cell membranes). Conductivity is measured with a conductivity meter. Cell debris is measured by shining a light through a clear cup of urine and then observing the clarity and estimating the amount of floating cells in the sample. For every cell seen, there are 20K cells not seen; thus, a cell debris of 0.04M is 40K cells per 100 mL of urine. Ed’s cell debris was 4M, which roughly equates to 4 million cells per 100 mL of urine. This suggested extreme cell destruction and kidney stress. His nitrates (as measured by an agricultural nitrates test) indicated minimal food consumption, consistent with recent fasting and a pattern of cell destruction greater than cell building. Ed was a hot mess!  

Looking more deeply into these numbers, the pH of the urine and saliva both pointed to the pelvic area and teeth and/or sinuses, and the nitrates pointed to the left side of the body, which is why I suggested the fecal occult blood test and PSA. The separation between the saliva pH and the urine pH, along with the associated inefficiency of the liver, is why I suggested LFTs, lipids, homocysteine, vitamin D, and serum protein electrophoresis. The low conductivity and associated decreased viscosity of fluids is why I suggested the chemistry panel, CBC with differential, and iron/B12/folate studies. Low nitrates (totaling less than 12) are associated with potassium deficiency, and was also consistent with Ed’s extreme fatigue, weakness, and associated inefficient adrenal and thyroid compensation; this is why I suggested a TSH measurement. 

Ed had a home nurse come draw blood for the tests ordered by his PCP. Initial abnormal results included the following: Sodium: 130 mEq/L (L); BUN: 37 mg/dL (H); Albumin: 2.7 g/dL (L); LDH: 273 U/L (H); Total cholesterol: 118 mg/dL (L); Triglyerides: 182 mg/dL (H); HDL cholesterol: 16 mg/dL (L); 25-hydroxy-vitamin D: 16 ng/mL (L); TSH: 7.78 mU/L (H); Free T3: 2.69 pmol/L (L); Platelets: 142 (L); and Hemoglobin: 9.8 g/dL (L). PSA and CEA were both negative, which was a pleasant surprise. To date, I’m still waiting for the CBC with differential, as well as several other labs; however, a cursory review of the values we had available confirmed Ed’s hepatic inability to process proteins and produce needed blood elements, cellular destruction with increased LDH, anemia, and the inability of the thyroid to handle the stress. All of these findings were known and expected using a simple urine/saliva test that anyone can do. So, what do we do with that information? 

As naturopathic physicians, our call is to take care of our patients, but in a litigious society it is common to safely stick to professional guidelines. I practice in a non-licensing state, but in cases like that of Ed, I did what I could and guided otherwise. However, I also encouraged Ed to seek medical attention, including an acceptable medical evaluation to rule out cancer, systemic acidosis, anemia, hormone imbalance, and organ failure. Ed and his wife’s history with the medical establishment led to a decision to die at home before going to a hospital. Ed elected to do targeted supplementation based on his numbers and history with a bio-electric chemistry approach to health. However, he agreed to also have his PCP do further workup and monitoring in accordance with his numbers. 

Treatment & Follow-up 

Based on Ed’s numbers, a series of minerals was recommended, including calcium phosphate (1 tablet 3 times daily) and potassium citrate (2 twice daily) with meals. Additionally, he was encouraged to take a probiotic (100 billion CFU/day), vitamin D3 (10 000 IU/day), chlorophyll (1 tbsp daily), and liquid fulvic/humic trace minerals (1 oz daily). Edible green clay in distilled water (in a 1:8 ratio), at a dosage of 1 tbsp 30-60 minutes before meals, was provided as an intestinal binder and additional source of trace minerals. Finally, colloidal silver (1 oz 3 times daily) was provided to address microbial imbalance. An avoidance diet based on blood type was recommended, which consisted of only cooked vegetables in olive oil with ¼ tsp blackstrap molasses for additional minerals, 4-8 oz fresh juiced vegetables each day, and only pea or brown rice as a protein source in morning smoothies until other proteins were tolerated.  

The results of this program were amazing! Two weeks later, Ed and wife followed up. Here are his new numbers: 

2.6(brix) 5.4(urine pH)/7.0(saliva pH) 5.6C(conductivity) 4M++(cell debris) 5(nitrate nitrates /12(ammonia nitrates)   

Ed was able to talk this time, and reported that the diarrhea, gas, bloating, rash, arm pain, and sinus drainage were all gone. His bowel movements had started to form, though to the point of constipation, so his wife decreased the clay. Large, normal bowel movements followed. He reported increased appetite, energy, and ability to shower without assistance, although Ed was still fatigued, in general, and had a constantly dry mouth. At this point calcium hydroxide (3 times daily), kelp (twice daily), and daily selenium and zinc were added, and the vitamin D3 dosage was increased to 15 000 IU/day to slow down chemistry, build the blood, and support liver mechanisms. 

Looking at the numbers, the brix:conductivity ratio showed that Ed was starting to mineralize and improve energy movement in his body. The decreased cell debris indicated less cell destruction, and the nitrates showed increased food breakdown for cell-building capacity but also poor breakdown, which was associated with yeast and bacterial overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract. At this point, an organic acid test was recommended to further elucidate possible microbial imbalances, mitochondrial or detoxification dysfunction, and/or nutritional deficiencies. Our next follow-up is scheduled for this week; however, I’m already hearing steady improvement occurring, and Ed’s PCP is doing extensive work-ups for possible Lyme disease, viral infections, and nutritional imbalances. 

Closing Comments 

What I propose is a bio-electric chemistry approach as an analytical assessment tool to understand, guide, and observe the nature cure we all seek personally and for our clients. I encourage you to test, know, and understand, as this approach enables the practitioner to see a cause-and-effect relationship with whatever therapy they care to assess. As I stated in previous publications, the conditions for which I have seen improvements or restoration while applying these concepts are too numerous to list. This system is not a form of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or cure; rather, it is an analytical method to teach health and observe restoration. This proposal and science suggest that “perfect” is in all of us and that the numbers provide us with direction for how to get there.  

I hope this article is well received and inspires the reader to seek an understanding of a mathematical, quantum, bio-electric chemistry perspective of human energy efficiency and restoration. It has changed the life of many and my own practice forever. 


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Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh, is a 2000 NCNM graduate, a licensed pharmacist, and a father of 5. After receiving his BSc in Pharmacy in 1992, he gained 3 ½ years of university hospital pharmacy experience at Duke University Medical Center, and over 4 years of compounding pharmacy experience during his NCNM studies. Since moving to the Pittsburgh area, he has delivered lectures and hosted a radio program, and produces regular YouTube instructional videos on the concepts of bio-electric chemistry. Dr Misak owns and operates Vi-Telometry LLC and Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc, where his focus is on health analysis and the restoration of health via optimal energy formation. 

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