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True health is not just personal. It’s social! It involves you, your neighbors, and your environment. For this reason, the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) launched a public-facing initiative called Realize a Healthy California (RHC) through the Foundation for Natural Health (FNH) 501(c)(3).

Our goal is to provide trusted health information to the public

“Our goal is to provide trusted health information to the public. We aim to help Californians and beyond to learn how to live a healthy life starting in the home and spreading out to the local communities, cities and the entire state,” notes Laura Enfield, ND. 

Naturopathic Open Houses

We are creating a movement to Realize a Healthy California. Our vision also includes expansion to other states. We are creating a format that can then be transferred to your state association and eventually the entire USA!” Enfield adds. This fall a pilot program of 9 open houses launched across northern and southern California metro areas hosting over 230 attendees. Local doctors opened their offices to the public in order to showcase naturopathic medicine in the environment where it is practiced with knowledge and integrity.

And the community took notice.

RHC’s open houses were featured in Malibu Surfside News and will be appearing in yet-to-be-published Malibu Coast Lifestyle Magazine. Open houses were attended by state legislative representatives Janet Turner on behalf of Representative Ted Lieu and Mike Pierson of the Malibu City Council. The event was awarded a Certificate of Acknowledgement from state representative Richard Bloom’s office.

2020 Offers the Opportunity to Realize Health

2019’s open houses were only the beginning, as 2020 provides us the opportunity to realize health as a community. Sign up now to be part of our RHC celebration of Naturopathic Medicine Month in October. Join the movement by learning more about our upcoming quarterly grocery store tours and community support for food as medicine. Subscribe and follow us online, or submit an article to help share quality naturopathic education and information that can benefit California and beyond. 

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California Wants to Share the Gift of Health

California’s vision for a healthy state is a vision that can be shared. Learning from community efforts, sharing information from licensed naturopathic doctors, and supporting forward-thinking health access one state at a time helps to advance the field of naturopathic medicine and make integrative healthcare accessible to all.

At RHC our objectives include:

    1. Provide trusted natural (public) health information resources to Californians
    2. Empower Californians to impact their health and the health of their communities
    3. Develop an online health community to promote positive health for ALL Californians
    4. Promote the importance of health from a personal, community and environmental level
    5. Help create healthier local communities in California

Don’t wait – join the movement now!

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