Naturopathic Pediatric Essentials

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Book Review: Naturopathic Pediatric Essentials

Susan M. Roberts, ND

Healing Mountain Publishing

Naturopathic Pediatric Essentials is a wealth of clinical information packed into a mere 163 softbound pages. Written in the style of a matter-of-fact reference guide, NDs will appreciate the succinctness of a clinical text that is relevant and immediately applicable to the practice of naturopathic pediatrics. Although the author does not discuss theory or philosophy of naturopathic pediatric medicine, naturopathic treatment is emphasized, and clear protocols specified for more than 30 of the most common conditions affecting children, drawn from her 15 years in private practice. Physicians and medical students alike will appreciate the easy-to-navigate organization of material.

The test is organized into eight chapters: Allergic Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disease, Skin Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Eye Diseases, Behavioral Problems, and Child abuse. Chapters are subdivided by definition, etiology, epidemiology, clinical findings, risk factors, complications, prevention and treatment. There is considerable content on nature cure, as the book offers numerous compounds, baths, teas, poultices, demulcents, homeopathics and botanical protocols. Conventional treatments are referenced.

Twelve appendices include such additional information as how to introduce solid food, and a vaccine checklist by age.

Overall Impression: Concise and to the point; a very useful reference for the family or pediatric practitioner and for the student preparing for clinical board exams.

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