New Test Offers Physicians Better Perspective on Patient Obesity

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Innovative home-collection test from ZRT Laboratory is first to identify hormones as the “missing link” to weight control

ZRT Laboratory today announces the availability of a Weight Management Profile, which provides physicians with a broader view of the hormonal connection to weight gain and sheds light on why so many patients cannot control their weight despite the best efforts.

“Physicians often see patients who have been on every diet in the book but can’t lose weight – no matter how little they eat or how much they exercise,” said Dr. David Zava, Ph.D., founder and president of ZRT Laboratory. “These patients may have existing, undetected hormone imbalances that make it challenging to determine the source of the problem.”

Rather than ordering a variety of individual tests, clinicians have the ease of ordering the new Weight Management Profile – which provides clinicians with a comprehensive collection of tests designed to spotlight areas of imbalance for more effective treatment. Incorporating saliva and dried blood spot samples, this profile evaluates key areas that include steroid (sex) hormones, adrenal stress, thyroid, and Vitamin D deficiencies. The profile also measures fasting Insulin and HemoglobinA1c for early detection of metabolic syndrome and Type2 diabetes. Optional add-on tests offer more thorough evaluation of thyroid and cardiometabolic markers as well.

Development of the new profile was spurred by unprecedented obesity rates in the US – with the highest prevalence among adults over 40, the time of life when hormone levels begin to shift and decline. As patients take a more active role in managing their weight, clinicians can focus increasingly on prevention and fostering a patient/provider partnership to bring down obesity rates and overall disease risks.

About ZRT Laboratory
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ZRT LABORATORY is the recognized leader and innovator of saliva and dried blood spot testing methodologies. Unlike traditional labs that focus on disease pathology alone, ZRT specializes in research-based testing and individualized evaluations.

Easy-to-read graphic reports go beyond the numbers and correlate symptoms with lab levels and current medical treatments to help physicians target areas for treatment or further evaluation.

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