Book Review: Feed Your Cells!

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Stacie Deyglio, ND

Feed Your Cells!

Eating right takes more than just heeding the advice of a popular diet movement. It takes a change in mind-set, a personal paradigm shift to introspectively admit that there needs to be a transformation within the foundation of one’s eating habits. Where better to have a dietary renewal than at the hearth of every household, the kitchen.

In her first book, Dr Andrea Purcell focuses on the following 3 important targets: (1) a healthy diet is not as tedious as one may think, (2) flavor and taste do not have to be sacrificed when eating healthy, and (3) the integration of nutritious meals into daily behavior is something that can be enjoyed for the rest of your life. She writes: “food choices you make every day either lead you closer to health or to disease” (p 1).

The starting point for the reader is the place where we usually create the meals required to nourish our bodies, within the kitchen: “[A] healthy kitchen is defined as a room in the house that contains the basic building blocks for creating healthy meals. It does not contain any of the following: artificial sweeteners, processed foods, prepackaged foods, processed frozen foods, refined breads, grains or baked goods, white sugar or unhealthy snacks” (p 1). As any great teacher or role model would, Dr Purcell provides an example of what a healthy kitchen should look like by sharing with the reader what foods she stocks in her refrigerator and pantry. All items should be focused on nourishment and should not have inflammatory or disease-promoting qualities.

Feed Your Cells! is divided into 8 chapters, with the main focus of the book directed to providing ample recipes for the reader to try. The recipes have been designed to be simple and easy to prepare, which supports any patient with a cooking phobia to be a successful cook in the kitchen! The chapters spotlight the following 8 important aspects of cooking a healthy diet: a healthy kitchen, healthy breakfasts, healthy side dishes, healthy salads, healthy soups, healthy vegetarian, healthy entrees, and (a popular favorite) healthy desserts. With this type of knowledge, any patient can transform his or her eating habits into a lifelong skill that promotes the regenerative effects of wellness and overall health.

Title: Feed Your Cells!

Author: Andrea Purcell, ND

Publisher: Andrea Purcell

Available from:

Pages: 101

Style: Softcover

Copyright: 2011

MSRP: $18.95

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