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How does your company culture support naturopathic medicine?

Wise Woman Herbals® was founded in 1989 by a naturopath for naturopaths. We offer the most comprehensive line of high quality botanical supplements to professionals with formulas based on the eclectics and the naturopathic formulary. As a professional product line, our distribution is tightly controlled and geared toward naturopaths and other licensed healthcare professionals with a focus in botanical medicine. The integrity of our products is guaranteed through strict manufacturing practices, and our meticulous quality standards start with high quality organic, biodynamic, wild crafted and cultivated herbs harvested in the wild and sourced from local farms. Using the same handmade traditional maceration process taught in naturopathic colleges, we extract and preserve the plant’s therapeutic qualities with certified organic alcohol, mountain spring water, certified kosher vegetable glycerine and other all-natural ingredients. Raw materials and finished product is thoroughly identified and analytically tested to ensure the highest level of purity. As environmental stewards we offset 100% of our energy use by purchasing wind, biomass and solar energy in our Feng Shui designed FDA inspected facility. We compost, recycle, and use recycled packaging materials to minimize our carbon footprint. Wise Woman Herbals gives generously to the naturopathic profession through product donations, a rebate program for states seeking naturopathic licensure, corporate sponsorship and support of the naturopathic colleges. Our entire staff is comprised of certified herbalists, herbal enthusiasts, and consumers and proponents of naturopathic medicine. Wise Woman Herbals’ mission to provide a gentle and natural way for improving quality of life by offering superior botanical supplements; resulting in a healthier, more balanced and sustainable world is consistent with naturopathic principles.

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